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Bramor, is the first fixed wing, professional use UAV equipped with military technology. Its advanced design with a wing surface of 67 dm2 and flight time of 90 minutes, allows us to perform long distance missions. Ths sistem also stands out as not having the same limitations that mosts fixed wing UAV´s have when it comes to landing, this is due to having an innovative device whichincludes measuring systems and a parachute.

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Microdrones is the first professional UAV platform, with a wide range of uses within the academic, scientific and professional world. Thanks to its highly advanced technology, it presents many technical specifications and security elements not seen in other UAV systems. This allows MD to be classified as the first Vertical takeoff UAV in the market to be awarded permission to fly according to the strict German requirements.

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With more than ten years in the hydrography field and six years experience in the filed of unmanned systems, we have the required knowlege to develop our own unmanned, water bourne systems.  Having succesully completed the testing phase we are in the final production phase and will soon be ready to release the product into the marketplace.

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